8 ways to serve others

I spent my night sitting around with a group of friends out on the back porch. Some that I am really close with and some that I am only getting to know and the most magical thing happened. What was supposed to be a short hang out session turned into a 3am conversation based around how much we love one another and the qualities we appreciate in each other. This coated my heart and made me realize how little we actually take the time to tell others how special and loved they are. It’s not until someone passes that we reflect on there qualities and how much love we had for that person. Why not tell them now!?

1. Stop and really appreciate the people around you.
2. Put your phone down and really be in that moment.
3. Be a good listener.
4. Be a mentor to someone.
5. Think less of yourself and DO for others.
6. Send someone a verse or an inspirational quote.
7. Really ask people how they are! Not just for the sake of it. But REALLY how are you?
8. In the words of Judah Smith – Be kind, encouraging and look for lonely people.

Surprisingly enough you may actually benefit from giving support more than those receiving it. By building a positive community around you, you build a wider support network which will increase the well-being for all around you.

– “Reap what you sow”

x, Sammy


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Posted: October 24, 2013


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