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Revelation Series: He will meet you in the Middle.

Ok, I’m about to be completely vulnerable right now – So, I’ve recently come out of a depression, the kind that lies beneath where you don’t even realize it. I felt numb to many things, even God. I didn’t understand why? But today I have been so overwhelmed with gratitude and blessings. God spoke so much truth into me this morning. He said “You have made it through”. I made it through the Jordan, to the other side! I never gave up my faith in God even through the trials and tribulations I have faced this last year, He met me in the middle. I’m telling you this because He will meet YOU in the middle of whatever circumstances you may be facing in your life today. Never give up your faith! God is so good and he will never leave you. He has purposely planted you for a purpose much bigger than yourself, even when you doubt yourself, God is working miracles in you. Something I’ve heard God say to me this week so clearly is that “God will use your rejection to help you find your purpose and set a catalyst to fulfill your destiny.” This is what I am experiencing today and I am so overwhelmed. I want to keep looking forward to what God has set before me and memorize not on the struggles and depression, but memorize on the MIRACLES God has done in my life. And to only point back to use those stones as stepping stones moving forward. – You too will make it through, never give up faith! God loves you! #HelloFromTheOtherSide.

Blessings! Sammy


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Posted: March 2, 2016


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