Revelation Series: Nothing is impossible.

I spent some time in the sky in Lake Tahoe this weekend. I say that because the mountains met the clouds and there was a lake that sat in the midst of it all. My mind was blown and my breath was taken. As I was driving along side Emerald Bay near “Heavenly”, the place I was staying at, I found myself thinking “How is this possible?” How is it that there are huge mountains filled with huge trees that stand straight up in the air, surrounded by a huge body of water this high in the sky? I felt God press upon me “Nothing is impossible with me”. I was literally looking at Gods creation before my eyes. It was like God was saying these lyrics (that I later heard as I was driving down the hill which made it all click) – “Your ways are higher, Your thoughts are wilder, Faith makes a fool of what makes sense, but grace found my heart where logic ends.” In that split second nothing made sense to me, but this is grace, and all I know is that He was in this place. Here with me right now. – @hillsongunited – “Here Now (Madness)”

Blessings! Sammy


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Posted: March 2, 2016


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